Membership information

New and renewing memberships with the Darwin Cycling Club (DCC) are done via the AusCycling membership page. This website includes information on the different types of memberships under the 2020 AusCycling amalgamation of BMX, BMX Freestyle, Cyclo-Cross, E-Sport, Mountain Bike, Para-Cycling, Road, Track and Lifestyle (recreational and commuter) cycling bodies.

AusCycling offers memberships for all levels and abilities of riders, from kids just starting out to the pro’s on the world stage. Memberships involve four main categories:

  • Lifestyle
  • Race Off-Road
  • Race All Discipline
  • Non Riding

More details and how to join can be found on the main AusCycling membership page or here.

Multiple Club memberships

AusCycling allows you to be a member of as many clubs as you want. Depending on your Membership category, you'll have a Primary Club associated with your profile which is important for voting purposes under the AusCycling constitution. After you've purchased your membership, you're free to join as many additional clubs as you want! More details at Club Add-On.

Family memberships

Families can apply for a discount prior to joining/renewing. Details can be found at Family Memberships.

4 Week Free Trial Membership

Free Trial members are covered when participating in AusCycling activities, including social and recreational riding as well as All Discipline Racing in club level events. Details at 4 Week Free Trial

Note: Free Trial Memberships are available to anyone who has not held an AusCycling (AC) membership in the last 3 years. It excludes racing at State/National Level Events, State & National Championships & UCI events.

Racing memberships

Don't want to commit to a full AusCycling Membership but still want to race? AusCycling provides a One Day and 7 Day Event Licence, which gives you Public Liability & limited Personal Accident insurance whilst racing. This is available here and is applicable for all race style events.

Note: This membership only allows you to race in Bronze Events and National Events which are classified as ‘Emerging Disciplines’ ONLY. Excludes: State/National Level Events, State & National Championships and UCI events.

Upgrading memberships

If you want to take your riding to the next level and become an AusCycling Race member, you can upgrade your Lifestyle (previously known as Ride) or Non Riding membership to an Off-Road or All Discipline Race membership by following the steps at Membership Upgrades.

Note: Annual Lifestyle and Non Riding memberships cannot be upgraded to a monthly Race membership option. All Race memberships (monthly or annual) will be valid for a year from the upgrade date.

Junior Sports Vouchers

The NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme provides every school-enrolled child from preschool to year 12 with a $100 voucher, which can be redeemed from the Darwin Cycling Club. The vouchers can be used for junior membership.

Join Darwin Cycling Club with the NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme

Joining Darwin Cycling Club using the NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme is a manual process, rather than the online membership. Use this only for Junior Memberships that will be using the NT Sports Voucher scheme.

Download, print and fill out the AusCycling Sports Voucher Membership Application Form.

Attach your child's sports voucher to the completed membership form and email to DCC will claim the Voucher under the Scheme and process the form with AusCycling.

AusCycling will send the membership card to the address on the membership application form.

AusCycling Membership Info