Membership information

Race & Ride Memberships

New and renewing memberships with the Darwin Cycling Club (DCC) are done via the Cycling Australia membership website. See below if you are upgrading from Ride to Race.

Details and costs of the different types of Race, Ride+, Ride and non Riding memberships with the DCC can be found here. Each type varies with the level of insurance cover.

All memberships are for 12 months except the Race - '2 month starter kit' and Race - '7 day'. Monthly payments can be made but the membership is for 12 months. 

If you are planning to only race with DCC choose a Regional Race membership type as these are cheaper. This can be 'topped-up' with a Race 7 day membership if you also want to race occasionally with other clubs outside the NT. A regional membership with DCC also allows racing with Alice Springs Cycling Club.

The National memberships allow you to ride with interstate cycling clubs, however if you are intending to compete in NRS, State or National championships you must purchase a full Race Elite membership regardless of your age.


MTBA (mountain bike), BMXA and Triathlon Australia members are eligible for a discount on their Cycling Australia Race membership. To receive your discount, purchase your CA Race Membership, then email a copy of your MTBA, BMXA or Triathlon membership card or membership receipt (which shows a minimum of three months remaining) to

Families can also apply for a discount prior to joining/renewing, see the Forms section below.

Upgrading from Ride to Race

If you hold a current Ride or Ride+ membership you can upgrade the remaining period to a Race membership by contacting Cycling Australia directly. You will be charged a pro-rata rate. Contact 03 9998 6810 or email Alternatively you can purchase a 2 month starter kit or a 7 day Race membership as a 'top-up' for racing.

Cycling Australia Membership Forms

  • Family Memberships
  • Manual Memberships
  • Club transfers
  • Card replacements
  • Payment forms
  • Accident report forms
  • International licences

Junior Sports Vouchers 

The NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme provides junior riders with a $100 voucher, which can be redeemed from the Darwin Cycling Club. The vouchers can be used for junior membership and/or for purchase of DCC uniform/kit. 

Join Darwin Cycling Club with the NT Government Sports Voucher Scheme 

Joining Darwin Cycling Club using the NT Government Sports Voucher scheme is a manual process, rather than the online membership. Use this only for Junior Memberships that will be using the voucher scheme. 

  1. Download, print and fill out the Membership Application Form available at 
  2. Attach the sports voucher to the Membership form and hand to Junior Team Manager.
  3. DCC will claim the Voucher from the NT Govt to collect the money and process the form with Cycling Australia

Cycling Australia will send the membership card to the address on the membership application form. 

FOR ANY QUESTIONS relating to junior membership please contact Denise Dunn Junior Team Manager 0438 520 898