We offer a broad variety of cycling activities including track, criterium and road events

Sunbuild Top End Gran Fondo

The annual Sunbuild Top End Gran Fondo is the club's biggest event.

The Darwin Cycling Club is getting geared up again for the 2021 Sunbuild Gran Fondo. The 2021 Sunbuild Gran Fondo is scheduled for Sunday 25 July 2021 and entries are opening soon.

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Nightcliff Pool - Roma Bar Café Ride

6 am start from Nightcliff Pool, finish at Roma Bar Café @ 8:10, Cavenagh St, Darwin City

This ride used to involve a bunch of 20+ or even 30+ riders containing some serious Darwin cyclists. However, during 2020, a group of the stronger riders have splintered off to do their own thing, so this ride now usually involves around 10+ riders, but still contains some strong riders. The ride to the Roma Bar is about 75 km with a 35-36 kph average and Strava route here. As of late 2020, most riders who don't peel off along the way, end up riding back to Cafe Central in Rapid Creek. The ride is meant to be a 'social ride' but there are opportunities for faster riders to go hard at times when the pace really ramps up along Roystonea Ave and Tiger Brennan Drive. Berrimah Hill is also a sprint section, but the bunch regroup after the hill with an opportunity for water at the corner of Beaton Rd and Hidden Valley Rd.

Note for Palmerston riders: There is a usually a small group leaving at 5:10 am from the 'Palmerston Cycling Clubhouse' (Corner of University and Roystonea Aves - opposite Bunnings) to join the 6 am bunch from the Nightcliff Pool. Generally there is at least one or two cyclists meeting here, but some days there may be none.

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***


Nightcliff Pool - Café Central Ride

6:30 am start from Nightcliff Pool, finish at Café Central, Rossiter St, Rapid Creek @ 8:15 - 9:00

This has a bunch of about 10-20 riders but there's a fair spread in fitness and ability levels. It sometimes splits up into 2 or 3 smaller groups, depending on numbers and rider abilities. The main groups cover about 65 km at 32-34 kph. They sometimes regroup at Crocodylus with routine regrouping after Berrimah hill at the corner of Beaton and College Rds and at the end of Bishop St. They go hard at times with sprints along Tiger Brennan Drv, through Winnellie and along Bagot Rd past Jape.

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***


Sunday Rides

6 am Kimmorley Bridge on McMillans Rd (near Charles Eaton Drv): Usually around 5 to 10 riders. Around 50 km, averaging around 30 kph. Finish is at Café Central.

6:30 am Nightcliff Pool. Various numbers and various distances (generally around 50 km, give or take), averaging around 27-30 kph. All welcome and a good ride for newbies. This is known as the 28'ers Ride, with details (route and finishing location) usually posted on the Ride Darwin FaceBook page.

*** Note: These are not Darwin Cycling Club rides ***


Darwin BuMpS

5:45 am start from the Shell servo, cnr Progress Drv & Dick Ward Drv, finish at Ray's Cafe @ 7 am, 66 Smith St, Darwin City.

This is a short 'hills' (or 'bumps') ride which includes doing several hills around Darwin 3 times each after riding straight from the servo to Cullen Bay. Some riders start directly at Cullen Bay, meeting the group leaving the servo around 6:00 am.

Hills include: Cullen Bay hill (Marina Blvd), Cullen Bay Cres hill, Larrakeyah hill (Temira Cres), Doctor's Gully hill and Govt House hill (Hughes Ave). The ride is about an hour. There can be anywhere between a couple and 15 or more riders do this ride. Strava route here.

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***

Tuesday, Thursday

Hour of Power (HOP)

5.40 / 5:45 am - Hour of Power (HOP) ride, starting from Blue Cycles, Totem Rd, Coconut Grove. Finish at the corner of Bagot Rd and the Stuart Hwy. As of mid-2020, the Thursday edition of this ride has become less reliable.

40 km, averaging 40-44 kph. Not for the fainthearted!

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***


Hour of Some Power (HOSP)

5.45 am - Hour of Some Power (HOSP), starting at Nightcliff Pool.

37 km, averaging 36-38 kph.

Note, this is meant to be a slower version of the HOP and usually leaves the pool after the HOP group goes past. However, as of July 2020, it has been averaging 38-40 kph with around 10 riders. As this has resulted in a drop off of slower riders, it is planned to have a separate group leave at HOSP pace. 

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***


Track Training

Tuesdays at the Velodrome, near cnr Bagot & McMillans Rd

Juniors 4.45pm for a 5pm start.

Development Squad & Seniors 5.45pm for a 6pm start.


Hills of Darwin (AKA HuMpS)

6 am start from the Cool Spot, finish at Vault Café @ 7 am, 71 Smith St Darwin City.

This is a short 'hills' ride which includes doing several 'hills' (AKA 'humps') around Darwin 3 times each - Darwin High School hill, Gardens Hill Cres, Cullen Bay hill (Marina Blvd), Doctor's Gully hill and Hughes Ave hill, although the final Hughes Ave hill is ridden after looping past the ABC studios, taking RH turns onto Bennett St, McMinn St, Kitchener Dr and then a left onto Anchorage Crt. After the final ascent of Hughes Ave, it's back along Cavenagh St, turning left onto Edmunds St and right onto Smith St to the cafe. The ride is generally about an hour. There can be anywhere between a fewa nd 15 riders do this ride. Strava route here although note that this group is now using Temira Cres to travel from Cullen Bay to Dockers Gully.

Some riders go straight to the Darwin High hill at around 5:50 am to get a head start on the group leaving the Cool Spot, with the latter group going a bit faster.

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***


Hidden Valley Crit training

6 pm Hidden Valley Raceway (gates open at 5:30 pm)

This is several laps around the race circuit (2.82 km laps). It can be intense, but you can ride at your own speed on a really smooth race track. Club membership is expected. 

More information at Hidden Valley Crit Training.

Dates for 2021:

  • 28 January (cancelled)
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 February
  • 4, 11, 18,25 March
  • 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 April
  • 22, 29 July
  • To be updated

Note: Berrimah Business Park dates are marked with an asterisk


Lucky Bat Ride

6am start from Lucky Bat Café, Pavonia Place, Nightcliff, finish at same location @ 7 am.

25 km/hr loop around town, generally a recovery ride for most. Strava route here.

*** Note: This is not a Darwin Cycling Club ride ***